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id proper_motion_ra proper_motion_ra_unc proper_motion_dec proper_motion_dec_unc v_tan v_tan_unc publication_shortname comments version
73 -0.01 0.012 -0.028 0.012 None None Fahe16 WISE-2MASS 2


id ra dec designation publication_shortname unum shortname names components companions comments version
1665 239.45881 -29.878639 2MASS J15575011-2952431 Kirk11 None 1557-2952 2MASS J15575011-2952431 None None None 2


id spectral_type spectral_type_unc gravity suffix regime publication_shortname adopted comments version gravity_publication
186 11 None g None IR Fahe16 None Alle13 index: VL-G 2 Fahe16

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