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id spectral_type spectral_type_unc gravity suffix regime publication_shortname adopted comments version gravity_publication
2290 25 None None IR Kirk11 1 2 None


id ra dec designation publication_shortname unum shortname names components companions comments version
1795 339.373035 -6.242833 WISE J223729.52-061434.4 Kirk11 U51795 2237-0614 WISEPC J223729.53-061434.2, WISE J223729.52-061434.4 None None None 2


id wavelength_units flux_units wavelength_order regime publication_shortname obs_date instrument_id telescope_id mode_id filename comments best version
8585 um ergs-1cm-2A-1 NIR Kirk11 6 7 1 WISEJ223729.52-061434.4_SpeX.txt None 2

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