Object Summary for 2MASS J02355993-2331205

Coordinates: 02:35:59.93 -23:31:20.50
Distance: 21.27 pc
Spectral Types: Optical: L1.0 Infrared: L1.0
Comments: None
Alternate designations: GJ 1048B, 2MASS J02355993-2331205, HD 16270B, GJ 1048B

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2MASS_H: 12.72 +/- 0.20
2MASS_Ks: 12.19 +/- 0.08
IRAC_ch4: 12.58 +/- 0.32


Download Spectrum 1: Spitzer:IRS
Download Spectrum 2: IRTF:SpeX

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